Korean Spring Wire, Stainless Still Mesh, Scaffolding Clamp


Steel/Copper Semi Products.

 Since WOO JUNG CORPORATION is established in Mar. 1997, we managed to provide series of steel products. From basic steel product such as Scrap Steel, Billet, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Special Steel, Stainless Steel to various of Copper products, Aluminum products, Manganese Steel… and so on. Supplier from all over the world including USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand and Vietnam. All of them are qualified by ISO certificate with excellent reputations.

KSW(Han Sun) Spring Wire Agent In Taiwan.

Woo Jung Corporation act as the agent of KSW (Han Sun) in Taiwan. KSW has good experiences on exporting Spring Wire to Japanese market, providing high quality Hard Drawn Steel Wire and Piano Wire.

KSW spring wires are rcongized by Japanese Submarine Communication Cable Constructions and widely used in Stanley Hand Tools in the U.S. In addition, KSW 

We also sells Stainless Steel Wire from Korea. S-coating Stainless Steel Wire has good performance on Oil Seals manufacturing. It has better coil ability compare to most bright surface Stainless Steel Wire.

Professional Stainless Steel Mesh 
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh included STS304 & STS316. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh are made by Plain Weave, Twill Weave and Dutch. Different kinds of sizes are provided from 2 mesh to 635 mesh. All Mesh have passed ISO 9000 quality certification with excellent acid/base resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.  
Scaffolding Clamp 
We also sells different kinds of Scaffolding Clamps. Including Swivel coupler, Double coupler, Swivel gravlock and Half coupler. Most Clamps pass Metal Industries Research & Development Center tests with CNS 4750 certification.  
Steel / Copper Semi-Products 
WOO JUNC CORPORATION not only sells products above but also sells over 100 kinds of Steel/Copper semi-products. These are include Special Steel Round Bar, Wire Rod, Forgings and Scrap. If products in the site does not meet your requirements, we always welcome your inquiries.